Jerry Jones Reflect On Cowboys’ Season, Quarterback Situation In 2016

It’s been a good year for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. A great regular season was followed by a lot of the media talking about this team and their quarterback situation. Jerry Jones, a team owner, loved all of that. Except for the way the season ended for his squad.

“We have had an occasion, on two different occasions – and really three, counting this year – that we have been right at the door with the right personnel and then didn’t get it done,” Jones said. “Now, that doesn’t count for much, but while I’m disappointed that we haven’t won big games that I wanted, the second thing to me is that I’m disappointed that Tony Romo, during his career, we didn’t get him shoved in there and have him competing for a Super Bowl.”

None of this is breaking news. Jones and the Cowboys suffered another heartbreak in the Playoffs when they fell 34-31 to Green Bay. It was just the third time that Jones’ and his team had held the No.1 seed in the NFC Playoffs, and the second time that they failed to advance to the NFC Championship game.

“I have felt that striving to get that success, or to win more Super Bowls, was overdue,” Jones said. “And I’d never dreamed. I’d have lost a lof of everything betting you that it wouldn’t be the year we’ve had since we’ve been back to a Super Bowl.”

Jones has expressed on many occasions that he regrets not putting Romo in a position to win a Super Bowl. This was a chance for Tony finally to play for a ring and that is why Jones was hesitant to put Dak Prescott in the game and name him the permanent starter. That is why he is not going to do it now, or that is why he is not trying to trade him away as hard as he probably should.