Keys For The Patriots Victory In The Super Bowl

Bill Belichick has been to six Super Bowls as a head coach of the New England Patriots. His quarterback, Tom Brady, has done the same thing and has been a part of some memorable Super Bowl moments. His performance in the final quarter against the Seahawks is one of the those that will be remembered forever. Will he do the same thing this Sunday when he faces Atlanta?

Falcons have a high-powered offense, so the key for New England is pretty clear. They need to put the pressure on Matt Ryan. That is going to help their secondary and linebackers in duels with Julio Jones and the rest of the crew. While blitzing, they need to be careful of Ryan dropping the ball to one of his running backs who are more than capable of taking that ball and carrying it for a huge gain hurting opposing defenders.

When it comes to New England secondary, they will for sure put one guy on top of Logan Ryan who will most likely be covering Julio Jones. Malcolm Bulter usually shuts down number two receiver on the opponents team. If he is this time put on Julio Jones, the safety will still help him, but that leaves Gabriel and Sanu with good matchups. The key for New England will be finding an answer and a correct game plan to deal with Falcons’ wideouts.

If they somehow are unable to do that, running the ball with LaGerrette Blount and Dion Lewis will be crucial for them as that is a good way to keep the opposing offense off the field. Blount has done that over the course of the season on multiple occasions, and he will be up for the task. In the end, we see the New England Patriots winning this match 31:25.