Jerry Jones: Still uncertain of what is to be done with Tony Romo

Jerry Jones is a Hall of Famer, but in spite of this, he will hear the name of Tony Romo every time he shows up.

However, each time he is asked about this issue, he seems uncertain of what to say about the split between his team and its quarterback.

In the time of his weekly spot on 105.3 The Fan, Jerry did not make any decision on what is to be done with his former quarterback who was replaced by Dak Prescott.

Just as a quick reminder, we know that Romo had an injury in a preseason game after which Prescott took over. Most Cowboys fans and game experts thought that the season is over for this team even before it began but the squad had other plans. Led by two rookies and with the fantastic support of already established names in the league, they managed to reach first place in the division.

“It’s no secret that I just think so much of him as a person and think so much of him as a player,” Jones declared. “The team we have, especially the offensive side of the ball, was built for Tony. So this is what it is. It’s a juncture that we have to address.”

“I don’t know how ultimately we will resolve this. Nobody should be alarmed because you don’t have all the answers. There are some issues here that you just got to see how the cards are played. But we’ll work through this.”

“We have a sound enough foundation together that on an individual basis we’ll get through this.”

Jones is showing a very strong desire for the matter to settle, and he is sure that his QB can still play at a high level in the NFL. Taking into consideration some of the options as a potential starter somewhere else, Romo definitely should think about that. Dallas team has a few choices, to trade or to cut Tony as it is highly unlikely that they will move away from Prescott since this guy could be the future of the franchise.