Top 3 Women Superstars On WWE Main Roster Today

It is clear that men wrestling is attracting a lot more attention and fans, but the recent trend is that women are recently getting a significant number of viewers. In today’s era, the women are amazing, and they are just as capable of putting on a great match as the men are. There are some talented performers in the company today, both in the ring and on the mic, but these three stands out in the past year.

Honorable mentions: Bayley, Becky Lynch

3) Sasha Banks, Monday Night Raw – Sasha, as a babyface, is not as good as her heel persona, but still, she has been phenomenal in the ring and decent on the mic. Her storyline with Charlotte got a bit stale later in the year, but her matches were still pretty fun to watch. Sasha has a huge fan support and is one of the fan-favorites. Recently, she has been out of the title picture, but some reports are saying that she will be in the fatal-four-way at Wrestlemania for the Raw Women’s Title.

2) Alexa Bliss, Smackdown Live – As soon as she made her main roster debut, she has been the best woman on Smackdown, and her mic work is amazing. She is believable as a heel, and her mannerisms are on point every single time that she walks down that ramp. WWE gave her the Smackdown Women’s title, and Alexa has made a big impact on Tuesday nights. Her work has been off the charts, and this girl deserves the spot that she is in right now.

1) Charlotte, Monday Night Raw – Charlotte has been a perfect heel. Sometimes she is hard to listen to, but she makes you hate her guts which mean that she is doing her job as a villain. Her feud with Sasha was full of great matches and was able to overcome some bad writing. Raw Women’s champion has been on top of the totem pole for a reason as she has dominated the division in the recent history.