Jim Ross Talks About Discovering The Rock

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Jim Ross has recently been a guest on The Herd with Colin Cowherd where he discussed multiple of topics. Most of those were wrestling related since he can offer so much knowledge from his 40-year career in the wrestling business. JR is one of the people that is credited for discovering The Rock and one of the first people that ever believed that he could become a top guy in the wrestling business.

I knew he was going to be a star. The old joke would be that even Ray Charles can pass the eye test; he passed the eye test. His grandfather was a great wrestling star, the ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia. His dad Rocky Johnson, was a great star around the world, so we knew he had the DNA, but he wanted to be a football player.”

That didn’t work for him as he was cut from all of the football teams that he was on. Going into the family business and becoming a wrestling star was the only way to go for him. Luckily, that is the best move that The Rock made in his life.

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Jim Ross also talked about who are his top four stars of all time that deserve the spot on the Wrestling Mount Rushmore. Of course, The Rock was on that list, but he was joined by some of the stars that are even more iconic for the business than him.

JR firstly named Hulk Hogan as the guy that catapulted the WWF in the mainstream media. Then, Ric Flair is one of the most important wrestling personalities ever and is joined on the list by the only guy that was able to achieve a greater level of popularity than The Rock – it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin.