What Should WWE Do With Asuka Going Forward?

There is nobody in the whole WWE quite like Asuka. Triple H and the NXT brand have done a wonderful job of treating their top guys and making a lot of true stars. If you have the potential, NXT is going to make you look like a million bucks and book you the way you should be promoted as the top attraction. Triple H hasn’t made a single mistake with his decisions, and that is why people can’t wait to see NXT Takeovers each and every time. They feel important.

Even though there were a lot of people at the top of the NXT over the past couple of years, there is that one star that is a bit different than the rest of the pack. Her name is Asuka. What is so special about her is the fact that she hasn’t lost a single match and had 500+ days as the champion. She was never defeated like all the other champions before going to the main roster.

Source: wwe.com

She is likely going to be a part of the women’s Survivor Series team which is going to push the crew from the red brand to win that match. After that, WWE needs to protect her and put her in meaningful feuds, but not to have her lose a fight.

Feuds like going up against Alicia Fox shouldn’t happen. She needs to stay dominant by beating somebody that matters, like Bayley. Then after that, a couple of months down the road, she should win the title from whoever is the champion at that time.

As far as who should be the one to take her down and give her first loss, we would like that to be an up-and-coming girl that is going to get elevated off that win or some big name that comes to the WWE like Ronda Rousey perhaps.