Jinder Mahal Reveals His Dream Opponent


As Jinder Mahal is getting ready for his first title defense at Money in the Bank against Randy Orton, he is enjoying his first couple of weeks as the WWE champion. Many people have already labeled him as the unlikeliest WWE champion of all time, but he is looking to make his tie with the belt count.

As you can imagine, he has done a lot of interviews after he won the belt at Backlash from Randy Orton. One question that appeared more often than the others are about his physique and the look that he has now. There were also many who were asking him about his dream opponents in the WWE now that he is at the top of the food chain on Smackdown Live. The Maharaja had an interesting answer.

“At the moment it is Randy Orton, but I see John Cena, when he returns, as my biggest competition. I have the WWE Championship, which means I’m the face of WWE, and for a long time John Cena is the face of WWE, and I know he’s not going to give up that title as the face of WWE anytime soon. So, I see him coming to challenge, but in the meantime, I’ve Randy Orton, who I have a match with at Money in the Bank and I look to retain my championship.”


It is a safe bet to say that nobody really wants to see John Cena and Jinder Mahal feud. Why? Because we have witnessed this storyline play out a billion times before. Whenever there is an evil foreigner that is bashing the United States of America, John Cena shows up representing the red, white and blue, mister Patriotic himself, who is there to take down the evil foreigner. Typical WWE story that the fans have seen many times, there is no need for the company to book something like this yet again.