Jobs in Translation Industry and its Growth in 2024

Gary Vaynerchuk said, “the global economy of the twenty-first century has been beneficial to enterprises all across the world.” This assertion is supported by an unprecedented increase in the number of new disciplines and industries that did not exist a decade ago. Humanity’s horizons and alternatives have expanded as a result of technological advancement. The job market in the translation sector is also improving, with workers choosing from a wide range of positions that did not exist even two decades ago.

The Truth About Career Choices

There was a time when young people had few alternatives when it came to deciding on a vocation. Either medicine or engineering was an option. Alternatively, if you had wealthy parents, you could join the family firm. However, if you didn’t have any of these possibilities, the market was never going to be promising for small businesses.

However, as the IT sector enabled people to devote their money, time, and energies in founding their businesses or opt for full-time work facilitated by the IT industry, this narrative shifted.

The Growth of the Translation Industry

The need to transcend linguistic boundaries for commercial purposes has increased the demand for translation services. These figures depict the significant translation industry trends of the last few years, as well as growth expectations. The translation industry has a bright future ahead of it!

  • In 2019, the global language services industry was estimated to be worth roughly USD 49.6 billion. It has risen to USD 56.18 billion in 2024, representing more than USD 5 billion in just two years (Statista).
  • Europe controls about half of the worldwide language services market (49%), followed by North America (39.41%). (Statista)
  • During COVID-19, the translation service market rose by 40%. (Future Market Research)
  • The machine translation market alone was worth USD 650 million in 2020, and it is predicted to grow to USD 3 billion by 2027. (Source: Global Market Insights)
  • The necessity to disseminate COVID-19 healthcare information increased the demand for translation in healthcare by 49 percent in 2020. (Commission of Europe)

Job Application Diversification in the Translation Industry

I will discuss one of those industries that have gotten a lot of attention and popularity. The Translation industry is one such discipline. Looking at some of the best-rated occupations in the world, being a translator is an exceptionally profitable venture.

According to reports, the discipline of translation and interpretation will improve in the future years. And especially in the post-Covid era, when medical translation services are more in demand than ever.

Top Jobs In The Translation Industry

Furthermore, there are numerous occupations available in the sector of translation. As a result, you do not need to rely on a single discipline. Knowing what additional possibilities are available to you will make the decision-making process much easier.

So, let’s have a look at some of the numerous occupations available in the translation sector.

Government Officials

Translations are required in formal government business, particularly at foreign embassies. So, if you have a flair for translation jobs and enjoy traveling, applying for a position at a foreign office is a great option. Almost every task at the foreign office necessitates translation.

Countries that host foreign embassies on their soil require translators and interpreters to translate official papers into the target language. It’s a difficult job requiring a keen understanding of official terms and technical jargon that impact national and international diplomacy issues.

Language Instructor

For many freelance interpreters, one position, in particular, offers a highly enticing job description. Those looking for work that allows them to help others learn their original language need to look no further.

And that job is teaching people how to speak a language. It is now practically universal in elementary and secondary schools to teach one foreign language to their students as part of their annual curriculum.

Furthermore, because Covid-19 disrupted the educational system, internet teaching and eLearning sites have grown in popularity. As a result, translators who are unable to travel to school daily might profit from these platforms. The best part is that if you do a good job, you can expand your class size to hundreds of students worldwide.


The world of globalization is primarily commercial. Companies are striving to enter overseas markets through sophisticated marketing techniques. The problem, though, is that there are linguistic hurdles. In this case, translators can assist these businesses in conveying their message to the intended audience.

Copywriting is a critical technique for attracting customers in the realm of marketing. Individuals with the ability to write persuasive content and sales talent may find a good profession in copywriting.

Cultural Consultant

Many people are unaware of the existence of a job in the sphere of culture. Many non-profit organizations are looking for experienced translators. It has a thorough awareness of cultural complexities and nuances. Extroverts should take advantage of this opportunity. Those who enjoy conversing with others and maintaining a conversation. Furthermore, suppose they enjoy discussing their own culture. In that case, they can be highly beneficial to persons who do not know your language but are interested in the principles that your heritage embodies.


The world has shrunk to the size of a town. People may come together and interact without having to worry about huge distances. However, linguistic obstacles may obstruct this flow of communication. As a result, the need for translators and interpreters has become clear.

People worldwide gather at international conventions, meetings, and conferences to create alliances or address significant issues. This necessitates the use of translators to serve as a bridge between different groups of people.

The requirement for coordinators is critical in public management events as well. Meetings with persons who speak various languages, on the other hand, cannot take place without the assistance of a translation.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is one of the most popular and well-paid positions in the world of translation. The reason for this is that many individuals enjoy traveling and discovering new places throughout the world. This idea ensures that tour guides are always in demand.

Furthermore, if you desire to travel to other countries and are multilingual, you can apply for this job and earn a lot of money.

It’s already a great profession to assist tourists in finding their way around a place you’re familiar with. It allows you to eliminate apparent stereotypes and remove any misunderstandings and misinterpretations caused by the media.

Furthermore, it will provide you with a fresh perspective on your own country. Something you might not come across if you’re traveling alone. Responding to questions as a tour guide will provide you with insight into how international tourists perceive your country.

Marketing Translators

Marketing translation has a larger market share in the field of translation. No firm in the world wishes to expand its operations but does not intend to prioritize marketing. That is not feasible. If an organization wants to go global, it must sell its brand in several languages.

This opens the door for translators to offer their services in the sphere of marketing. However, if one wants to enter this sector, one must first gain skills in marketing. You must be knowledgeable of your target market.

Particular attention should be paid to the society’s cultural, ethnic, traditional, religious, and linguistic characteristics for your translated text to be accepted by the general public.

Experts in Video Game Localization

In recent years, the video game experience has grown at an exponential rate. One of the several reasons for this is that the gaming business has blurred state lines. This form of entertainment appeals to almost everyone, regardless of age or gender demographics.

With such a massive demand for video games, there is an apparent necessity for translation services. Suppose you have a passion for gaming as well as knowledge of a specific language. In that case, there are many video game translation services available worldwide to offer your talents. Even though it is a technical field, it pays very well.

Film Translators

People used to be unaware of the films that premiered in Hollywood or any other film industry. However, a South Korean film called ‘Parasite’ won the best picture at the Oscars last year, demonstrating a global community. Language barriers have been reduced, particularly in the film and television industries.

If you have a passion for movies and storytelling and a talent for translations, you can opt to work in the sector of film translation services. It will help you become a part of a network of agencies and service providers that will assist studios in achieving massive box office success.

Translators of Academic Literature

Academic translations are related to the research industry, including well-known disciplines such as medicine, engineering, and the law. As a result, research in a variety of fields is carried out throughout the academic community.

The successful and proven hypothesis, on the other hand, is a facet of the translation challenge. This necessitates knowledge of a specific field or discipline. In addition, solid translation experience. So, if you are an expert in a particular academic field, you can earn good money by offering translation services to these service providers.

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The translation industry is complex and multifaceted. It began with simple word-for-word translations of texts and portions. However, with the introduction of globalization and technology in general, the translation agency as a whole has diversified and expanded.

We have classified some of these new fields in this article. And how they have given translators employment and work chances. This post will help people looking for different professions because we have attempted to provide an in-depth study of some of the lucrative jobs in the translation sector. As a result, the translator can choose a job based on his skills.