A Few Jobs that Require Heavy-Duty Trucks


When you have a job that requires the largest and most powerful trucks available, you’re in the market for a heavy-duty commercial vehicle. When no other calibre of truck exists that can accomplish the task you need it to do, a heavy-duty truck can prove vital.

That said, ensuring that you buy the right truck for the job you have requires a bit of understanding about the kinds of trucks available and the kinds of work they can perform. You can check out HighwayWesternStar.com to find examples of powerful and rugged commercial trucks for sale and get a sense of what’s available to meet your needs. To help you get started on finding the right vehicle, here are a few examples of the kinds of jobs that require heavy-duty trucks:

Long-Haul Truck Driving


When the load you need to transport is enormous, it will require a truck built to carry more weight than usual over long distances. In such cases, you will probably require a truck with a hook and chain to allow you to haul oversized loads.

You may also require a specific kind of specialty trailer that will allow you the best option in transporting a large object. Different kinds of trailers used to transport heavy-duty loads include:

  • Stepdeck
  • Gooseneck
  • Double Drop
  • Stretch or Extendable
  • Trailers with Additional Axels

Extra-heavy loads often exceed the regular limits of allowable weight, which usually require a special permit for the places you’ll be driving.

Towing Large Vehicles

While some vehicles used in large-scale construction jobs and many other purposes can be enormous, they often require towing. Whether you’re moving a vehicle that isn’t meant to travel long distances or assisting one that has broken down while in use, you’ll need a way to get it from point A to point B. In such cases, you’ll want to look for heavy-duty trucks for sale that are capable of bearing big loads.



You can use a heavy-duty truck when you’re moving from one home to another or from one business to another if you want to be sure that you can carry everything in one trip. Ensuring that you can accomplish an entire move in one trip is especially important when you’re moving to a city or covering any other long distance.


One of the most common uses that will make you notice a heavy-duty truck occurs when you see one moving an oversized object along a highway. This class of commercial truck is needed when enormous equipment like sections of a wind turbine are being transported for installation or when an entire house is being transported from one location to another.

Waste Management

While you might not consider the trucks that come to your house each week to gather your garbage, recycling or compost to require much power to do the job they do, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that your house isn’t the only one on the block. When you consider how much waste needs to be transported in a large city, it is easier to understand why heavy-duty trucks are used that can accomplish more in less time.

Commercial facilities and construction sites often require the removal of large amounts of waste, large objects or heavy loads. Such cases present another scenario where heavy-duty trucks are essential.

Given that heavy-duty trucks are the only kind of vehicle that can accomplish the most demanding tasks in transportation, they need to be built to allow for an enormous range of versatility. As such, these examples only represent a small amount of the jobs that a heavy-duty truck can undertake.

The Benefit of Owning a Heavy-Duty Truck


While the primary benefit of owning a truck that is capable of performing so many different jobs should be evident from these examples, there are other key advantages that you’ll also get when you own a heavy-duty truck:

Less Wear on Your Vehicle

When the truck you’re using is explicitly designed to carry vast amounts of weight, you won’t have to worry about putting too much strain on your vehicle. Sure, you might manage to complete a move with a smaller truck, but if that truck only lasts you a few months or requires thousands of dollars in maintenance after you’re finished, you’ll wish you had bought a heavy-duty truck.

Less Worry

Don’t play a guessing game when it comes to suitable load-bearing for your truck. If you’re attempting to lift a large object using a truck that isn’t meant to carry that much weight, you’ll risk doing severe damage like breaking the frame or another essential part of your vehicle. Do some research before buying your truck to ensure whether or not you require a heavy-duty option.

Save Time and Money

When you’re able to haul more weight at once, you’ll end up saving time on any job that requires the transportation of a large amount of material. In the world of shipping, with high fuel and labour costs, fewer trips equal more money saved.

When You Need to be Certain


When you own a heavy-duty truck, you might not use it to haul the heaviest loads it can carry on every single trip you make, but you’ll never have to worry that you bought the wrong size vehicle.

That’s because it is better to be sure that you can get a job done while owning a truck of a greater calibre than you require than to make a guess that you’ll be fine with a smaller truck only to find out that it isn’t up for the job. After all, if you end up with a load that is too great for the truck you’re using, you’re not going to be able to

When you need to buy a heavy-duty truck to ensure that you have all of the power you need to haul a large load, contact a commercial truck dealer to get some suggestions about the best vehicle for your job.