John Cena Burying Young Talent?


As good as John Cena has been for the majority of the fans during his 15-year run with the company, the fact of the matter is that not everybody is a part of Cenation. There is a reason for those Cena sucks chants that always go hand to hand with the positive cheers that he gets. Some of those reasons are not his fault for sure.

But, one of them might be his fault. The accusations of him burying the young talent have always been present. There is no doubt that there were situations where John Cena should have been the one to say that he does not need to win some of the matches that he was booked to win in the first place. People will probably never forgive him for the Nexus and the burial that happened back in 2010, but he is not the only one that deserves the blame for that.


If the company really wanted to push them back then, they would have done it. Still, Cena needed to say something before that happened. He didn’t. But recently, he addressed those accusations of him burying the new guys. Here is what he had to say about that.

“If you look at my existence in WWE, I have never asked anyone and will never ask anyone to pull any punches. I believe that it is a ‘Strong Survive’ environment, and accept nothing less. I think people forget my (history) in WWE sometimes and the fact that I truly had to earn every inch. There is this overwhelming perception that I am protected and coddled – that couldn’t be farther from the truth.”