John Cena Presents The Lamborghini Gallardo


Lamborghini Gallardo is definitely one of the most iconic vehicles assembled by the Italian carmaker, and as John Cena is one of the best wrestlers, it means that he can afford it. However, this Lamborghini owned by John Cena has the craziest looking color, but it still looks good.

The exterior of Cena’s Lamborghini comes with the Verde Scandal paint job, and it is the only LP560-4 coupe that is painted in this color. It is very bright, and perhaps some people find it repulsive, but we would not mind having the Gallardo with this odd color. The interior is completely different, though.

According to John Cena, the original owner of this vehicle wanted a leather interior that was going to match the exterior of the car. However, it appears that even Lamborghini was unable to make his wish come to life, but they found a very good solution. Lamborghini decided to bathe the cabin in the so-called grellow color, which is the color of a tennis ball.

The only reason why we cannot criticize this car is that we can only dream of having the vehicle like this. But let’s face the truth – the supercar would look much better in any other color, and we strongly believe so. Under the hood, this Gallardo that arrived in 2009 comes with a V10 engine which produces 560 horsepower and all of this power is transferred equally to all four wheels – this is why the model is called the LP560-4.

All of that doesn’t actually matter and you can watch John Cena (YES, YOU CAN SEE HIM) present this Lamborghini Gallardo below. All we want to know whether you liked the color or not so state your opinion in the comment section.

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