Is Nakamura Being Overexposed On Smackdown Live?


There are a lot of great wrestlers on the indy scene and in the WWE that have great characters and are successful at what they do. The things that separate the best of the best is the gimmick that they have to support their great in-ring work. When it comes to the character of a wrestler and the gimmick, there is nobody quite like Shinsuke Nakamura. He is second to none when it comes to his charisma and movement in the ring. The way he acts it just amazing.

He was booked like a special attraction down in the NXT. We got the chance to watch him only during big Takeover events where his skills were on display in a marquee battle. Smackdown Live booked him the same way at first, but then it seems that they decided to switch it up and feature him every single week. To some, that is a good thing. But, if you take a better look at the situation, you will notice that this could be done better.


His entrance, they way he acts before the match are a big part of his greatness. Yes, he is good in the ring, but if we see his entrance every single week, it is not going to have the same impact when the big fight comes. He is also not a great talker as the English language is not his first. That fact alone is going to get him exposed, especially if he is going up against great promo guys like Kevin Owens is. There is no doubt that a wrestler like KO can easily handle Nakamura on the mic.

That is why they need to limit him to appear every other week. We don’t need to see him each and every SD Live episode as that is going to take away from the magic that just surrounds Nakamura when the big showdown is about to start.