Jose Mourinho drives around in the 2017 Jaguar XJ!

When you put names like Jose Mourinho and Jaguar in the same sentence, you get a little warm and fuzzy inside because that are the names that sit on lips of every football and car enthusiast out there. Jaguar is, without a doubt, one of the best British car manufacturers, while Mr. Mourinho, 54, made his name firstly as a football player and secondly as a football manager. Since he is the coach of the Manchester United FC, as everybody already knows, that fact has its upsides such as enjoyment in one of the British motoring jewels – the 2017 Jaguar XJ.

But do not think that a job in Manchester United brought him this gig. Mourinho had flirted with Jaguar way before he signed with Manchester in may 2016. Famous coach and car company signed a deal in February 2014, which is about the time when Ze Mario became a first person in the UK that owned an F-Type Coupe. After the endorsement of the F-Type Coupe in S form, Mourinho became the first customer of the magnificent Jaguar F-Type R Coupe. He continued with the sub-zero driving experience behind the wheel of the F-Pace luxury SUV, and now thankfully it is time to make the Jaguar XJ shine once again.

The ad we have for you here carries a title “Jaguar explores what makes Jose Mourinho tick, ” and it pretty much shows our favorite football coach on the back seat of the, what appears to be a super pumped example of the 2017 Jaguar XJ. If you recall the Jaguar XJ is a sedan in the luxury full-size segment and is probably the most neglected and overlooked vehicle of all. Besides all that it is also very old. The first one came out in 2009 and, although it was expected, the sales never took off in such fashion. The best sale year for the leaping cat was 2013 in which they sold 19.677 of the XJ’s, and in last year only 11.315 units were bought. To show you just how insignificant that is we have an example – the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a figure of 100.000 units per year ever since it came in 2014.

What is interesting here is to wait and see if the football wiz will actually manage to help and boost the XJ sale figures, or will it be the company’s effort that is backed up by the fact that they are preparing the replacement which will be showcased sometime in 2018 as a concept vehicle. After the concept version, Jaguar is expected to bring the real deal to the markets in 2019 with the V6 hybrid powertrain and a higher roof line for more headroom in the rear. There are even some speculations about a possible two-door coupe based on the XJ, but the smart thing here will be to wait for this one out and see if the Jag can endure all of this, financially at least.