Here Is How Can Decision On Who Is NFL MVP Impact The Super Bowl

As we entered the Super Bowl week, everybody has started talking about the game on Sunday. Pro Bowl is behind us, and we are ready to focus on the most important match in the NFL. Atlanta Falcons will be battling the New England Patriots on Sunday, but another mini-battle involving players of these teams will take place on Saturday night.

NFL season awards will be handed out just a day before the Super Bowl. Quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Tom Brady are in the MVP conversation, with the general belief that Matt Ryan is the favorite to win it after the kind of postseason that the Atlanta Falcons offense has had. He has been sensational all year long, and he stepped up in the Playoffs and delivered the goods for the Falcons.

Who’s to say that if he wins it, Tom Brady wouldn’t be angry about it and it just adds fuel to the fire of Brady? He is known as a guy that is passionate about the game, always highly motivated. It’s not like he needs the extra motivation for the Super Bowl as it is the final duel of the year and he has been on a missing to make Roger Goodell, a guy that suspended him for four games for a crime that Brady thinks he didn’t commit.

That fire is pretty big already, but if Ryan wins the MVP award after Tom threw for 28 TDs and only 2 picks in the 12 matches that he played this season, you know that Brady will bring that additional anger to the field and channel it the right way trying to hurt the opposing squad as much as he can. Falcons defense is not known as one of the best in the NFL so Atlanta can be in danger. Psycho Tom is a real thing.