Dallas Cowboys’ Players Limited In The Pro Bowl


Dallas Cowboys had seven representatives in the Pro Bowl. Most of them were on the offensive side of the ball. It makes sense since they were one of the best teams on offense all year long. Their defense is mediocre, and the offense did a great job of keeping them off the field and watching their back.

Dak Prescott made his first Pro Bowl appearance in this game but was the third NFC quarterback and the one that threw the least passes in the match. He went 7/13 for 52 yards and no TDs or picks.

Elliot, who was the best running back during the regular season, had just 8 carries for 20 yards on the game. The guy that was the most noticeable out of all three big names from the Dallas Cowboys was Dez Bryant. He was tied for 2nd for the most receptions on the NFC squad with 5, and he finished the duel with 59 receiving yards.


Three offensive linemen were also in the game, but since this was an exhibition, nobody really pushed hard on both sides of the ball, so these guys didn’t have a tough night. Still, it’s nice from them to get this well-deserved recognition by making the Pro Bowl team.

The coach of the NFC team was Jason Garrett, the head man of the Dallas Cowboys. When you are coaching your guys in the Pro Bowl game, you are doing everything that you can in order to save them from the injuries in this exhibition showdown. That’s why Cowboys’ players didn’t have a huge role in this game. Prescott didn’t throw many passes, Elliot didn’t have a lot of carries. Coach Jason Garrett made sure that these guys leave Pro Bowl without any injuries and he did his job well on a Sunday night.