Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers – Week 10 Picks And Predictions


All of a sudden, the AFC West is the most interesting and the best division in the football. It has three teams that are not only playoff bound but can easily be the second best team in the Conference, right behind the New England Patriots.

Chiefs are playing their best football in the second half of the season. They did it last year, while this time they bounced back much quickly from a subpar start. All-around smash-mouth football is what they do and what they are known for. Their defense is explosive, always ready to make plays and more than capable of winning games for Andy Reid.

Carolina has done what they needed to do in the past two weeks. It wasn’t pretty, but they probably don’t care. They have squeaked past two opponents and are looking to gain some momentum in this game. A big win against a team like the Kansas City Chiefs will do a lot for this football crew. They are still not done in the NFC, even though their chances of catching Atlanta are slim at this moment. Falcons slipped last season, but it’s kind of hard to see them repeating their mistake. Panthers’ bad start could turn out to be costly.

Chiefs also need this win badly. Their divisional rivals are winning most of their matchups, and that means that Kansas City needs to do that as well. As good as they were so far, they still have a lot of work to do since they are playing in a great division with Raiders and Broncos.


The crew from Kansas should be favored on the road. Not by much, just slightly. They are a better football team at this moment. Even knowing all this, we are going with the Panthers to win this one on their home turf. The final score will be 26:21.