Lucifer Season 3: Will it happen?


One can find a great number of good shows in Fox production. Lucifer is one of them. Although it is a pretty new show, it can easily keep up with TV series that have been broadcasted for a long time. Not only does it get great feedback from the viewers, but it has a high number of great reviews from the critics, as well. Therefore we can say that Lucifer Season 3 will be a success.

Lucifer fans (we mean fans of the TV Show) were surprised by Fox for Halloween. Namely, the network has stated that Season 2 will have extra episodes apart from the original 13-episode order. It was said in TV Line that nine additional episodes are to be filmed, which will make a total number of 22 episodes.

Thanks to its outstanding performance, this popular TV series was given this stimulus. The show was aired every Monday, having 6.6 million viewers and a demo rating of 2.0.


Although this drama/fantasy was not renewed for season 3, it is almost definite it will be filmed. Season 2 is still being shown, and according to the reactions of the viewers, they are impatiently looking forward to watching the next round.

All things considered, there are many good reasons for filming new season. All conditions for renewing the show are favorable. The audience is getting larger daily, ratings are more than satisfying, they have full-episode order, and finally, critiques are great.

Moreover, the image of the leading role played by Tom Ellis has been completely changed. He is doing his best, but having altered his performance, he provoked mixed reactions from the audience. Some of them are not in favor of the way some things, such as religion, are presented. Still, one should bear in mind it is a fictional series.

Finally, what all of us are definitely looking forward to is watching Season 3 of this popular show.