Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Jets – Week 10 Picks And Predictions

Source: ramsgab.com

It’s safe to say that the seasons’ of these respective teams are all but over as they still have more than a few games to play but with only slim, or better say pretty much nonexistent chances to reach the postseason. This is not the only thing that these squads have in common. Their quarterbacks have been horrendous so far this year, and both teams are struggling on offense while underachieving on defense. Their Ds are much better than they had shown so far.

Jets are done. That loss to Miami is what sealed their faith. They are at the bottom of the division and maybe would prefer to lose a couple of games so they can get the better pick. They will play as hard as they can going forward, but playoff dreams are over. Fitzpatrick is playing for his job, and so are a few other players. This is why Jets are going to bring it against this beatable opponent.

Source: zimbio.com
Source: zimbio.com

Los Angeles Rams are just not going to let Jared Goff play. Case Keenum’s performances in the last couple of weeks have been bad, and we are kind to him with this statement. Locker room probably wants Goff and fans want Goff. But, nobody knows what Jeff Fisher is thinking. Is he protecting this young man and giving him the chance to learn the NFL game before he jumps into the fire? Or maybe he doesn’t believe that Goff will be good and thinks that it might cost him his job?

This Rams team is bad, has been bad for a couple of seasons now and this man is still the head coach. That is why he should put Goff in, but since he is reluctant to do that, we are picking the Jets in this game. In this duel of two turnover-prone QBs, we will go with the Jets to win 28:21. This match can easily go either way, but we don’t trust the Rams to win this one on the road in New York.