How to Keep Your Salesforce Data Current and Complete

Have you ever heard about salesforce data? Thanks to the rise of modern technologies, numerous platforms and systems have been invented, and as a result, we started incorporating them into both our daily lives and our businesses – making a step further when it comes to organizational development and processes, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Some of the core business systems such as the systems that help target and qualify their prospective customers and clients, reaching out to them and creating meaningful connections, as well as communicate and close sales, are what revolutionized the global economy, and many different fields and marketplaces as a part of the bigger picture. Finally, softwares that help collecting, sorting out and processing data, have tremendously improved and elevated the way all the businesses function, whether they are large companies, or small family businesses. The fact that some of the things people had to do manually, now can be automatically done, has brought innovative solutions that save time, money and energy of both the owners and employees, allowing the employees to focus on different types of tasks, that need more creativity, thinking outside the box and human experience.

When it comes to the world’s largest businesses, the management of thousands or even millions of customers and all the data about them, doesn’t only sound like a complex task, but it sounds more like an overwhelming process that could never be done completely right or properly, especially if done manually. Even with some of the already existing features that many computer programs have, it still is a challenge, since data is one of the most important elements in a business – it helps determine which customer wants what, and more importantly – what customers don’t want or even don’t know they want. Tailoring offers and everything and personalizing product and service selection according to client’s needs, wants and preferences is what makes a company stand out compared to others, and what creates business relationships that last.

But what if a company has only started to generate leads and manage their contacts? Being able to contact potential customers is the number one step of all the business processes. That being said, having access to customer contact information is what many companies need and what they strive for. However, it’s not that simple nor always possible to make the first interaction with your prospective customers, and to keep track of everything that’s happening during the process. This is the exact moment where platforms such as salesforce enter the stage.

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Customer relationship management has been proven to be one of the most important elements of a business, since it allows businesses to keep track of their customers’ behaviour and have an accurate insight into their activity, preferences, actions and needs. Why is this important? If you know what your customers want you’ll be able to give them what they want. Finally, this allows you to easily increase sales (which is everyone’s goal), helps you boost your marketing and create effective campaigns that would target the right values and customers’ needs. As a result, you not only create relationships with your clients and customers, but you also manage to create loyalty and retention for your customers. Making them stay and keep coming back is what makes CRM so meaningful and valuable to any business in the world, no matter the field or the market.

If you store your customers data in a smart way, as well as manage, analyze and use it properly, it helps your employees understand how the mindset of your customers work, as well as your business to thrive. Using CRM managing platforms such as salesforce, helps break down the complexity of communication and sharing of information whether is inside the company (departments, teams, offices etc) or outside of it – between the company and the customers, several companies, companies and business partners, or between the customers themselves.

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Considering the large amount of information salesforce needs to analyse on a daily basis, it can become challenging to keep your salesforce environment clean, tidy, accurate and complete. What does this mean in reality and what can be done about it?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your data is good quality. How can you do this? There is only one tip and that tip is essential: making sure your data is constantly monitored, standardized and clean of duplicates as well as verified and tested, is the only way to make sure you are dealing with good, not bad data. By bad data, we mean data that has certain info that is wrong, whether it is a detail about a customer, a non existing contact, or other mistakes that could appear in your database.

But how can you do this? There are certain apps and systems on the market that can help you clean your data and make sure all the info (or the majority of it) is accurate. Follow this link in order to find out more. Using the right tools can help you sort out your data and make sure your records are completely consistent and verified. Apps like this will be able to tell you if your data is clean, if some info is missing, if the data information is complete or there is something missing and there is a need to be updated, it also compares all the info from different sources that contain the info about your business and your contacts, etc.

Next, doing frequent backups is what helps keep things up-to-date and accurate. It has been shown that updating your data on a daily basis is the best way to keep everything under control. However, you can never do that on your own without the use of innovative tools that are able to process millions of info. Other than that, some of the things you should definitely do is archive or delete data that you don’t need or that you haven’t used for a long time (or that’s bad quality). Even if you think you might need it again chances are you’ll probably won’t. Finally moving your security measures to a higher level is also something you might need, to elevate your business and keep it successful.