Kevin Durant Makes A Strong Statement About Oklahoma City Thunder

The biggest free agent of this past summer in the NBA was Kevin Durant. He chose to go to the Golden State Warriors, a team that has won 73 games during the last season. At the end of the day, one of NBA’s best players has joined the best regular season team ever. Do they really need him to win the title? No, they don’t. Some would say that he is just ring chasing.

He is still learning this new system of the Golden State Warriors. Just yesterday he made a statement about this learning process. He is still adjusting to this team.

“There’s a lot I need to learn about the game of basketball,” Durant stated. “You know, I am not as smart as I though I was about the game. It’s played a different way over here than I was used to. I learned a lot, obviously, in my years in the league, but this is a different system, a different philosophy of basketball that I am learning. So, it’s going to take some time.”

He was also very quick to point out that this is not a knock against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is not taking any shots, according to him at least.

“It’s not a knock on Oklahoma City. It’s not a knock on my past teammates or that organization. I mean it’s different here. It’s fun here. It’s fun playing where I was but that book is now closed.”

Even if Durant didn’t mean that insult and take a shot at OKC, it could be considered as a shot since everybody will take it that way. He knows what he did, and he still left the team that just lost to his current team. In the Western Conference Finals. In game 7 in which he was way too passive.