Chicago Bulls – Season Preview And Prediction

This Chicago Bulls team is totally different than the one we saw last season. There is no Derrick Rose on the roster for the first time since 2008 and his rookie season. Now, they have a new point guard, a new shooting guard that we really didn’t think that we would see in any other jersey than Heat one. Butler is still there, and he is their best player. What should we expect from the Bulls?

It was kind of surprising to see Rajon Rondo signing with the Bulls. Really though he wasn’t going to sign there. He would have probably liked to stay with the Kings if they offered him a big contract, but it seems like he would have signed with any team that was ready to offer him the money. Does he really fit here?

We don’t think so. And neither does Wade to be quite honest. This team has no spacing at all. And they are playing in today’s NBA that practically demands shooting three-pointers all time. Rondo had a good year shooting threes, but still, we know he is not a shooter. Wade hasn’t attempted one in the regular season since December of 2015 while Butler is average at best. Wade and Butler are great scorers but can they really work together? With Point Guard, that needs the ball to be effective?

Lopez and Mirotić will probably start in the front court. Decent players. Mirotić is likely to be the best three-point shooter in the starting lineup. Taj Gibson will get a lot of minutes as a 6th man, while Bobby Portis is the one to watch this season. He is a good player for this team that plays hard and they need to develop this man.

This team looks like a Playoff squad on paper, but we are not sure if they will connect all that well. They will be middle of the pack team in the East, not really good defensively, but not terrible. Their offense is going to look weird, and coach Hoiberg needs to figure this thing out. They just don’t have the spacing.

We think they will be a .500 team, a record of 41-41 sounds about right for this Chicago Bulls squad. We are not sure if they can make the Playoffs. If they do, they are going to be the 7th seed at best and easy 1st round exit is a maximum that we can expect. What are they trying to accomplish this season? What’s their opinion on the future and what are their plans for the future? Anyone’s guess is just as good as ours.