Kevin Owens Finally Booked Right On Monday Night Raw

Kevin Owens has been the Universal Champion ever since the September of 2016, but he really hasn’t been able to make a big impact as the main champion of the Raw brand. Of course, it’s not his fault at all. Even though he has had some decent segments with Chris Jericho and they were funny at times, but that is not how a guy like Kevin Owens should be utilized.

He is a prize fighter, that really doesn’t care about anybody else. Owens doesn’t have a problem stabbing somebody in the back if that is going to get him what he wants. He is a ruthless wrestler and a cruel one too. That is how he was booked in NXT, and that is how he has been programmed ever since making a debut on the main roster. When he was with Chris Jericho, that part of his character was missing due to WWE not directing him properly.

In the last week event, they finally made him look like a true threat and a beast that he is. That look in his eyes when he was all over Jericho was the one that we saw from Kevin Owens in the past. His opening promo on Goldberg at Raw was just perfect and him dropping the mic instead of talking about why he did to Jericho what he did last week was just a cherry on the top of the cake.

Later, he just didn’t have a single care for Sami Zayn and went on a rampage even though his opponent clearly wasn’t able to fight because of Samoa Joe’s attack. That is the Kevin Owens that everybody wants to see and we can only hope that WWE continues to make him a legit danger to everybody on Raw.