Boston Celtics In A Prime Position To Make A Deal At Deadline

It’s time for the NBA trade deadline rumors and they are flying around at this point. A lot of squads are looking to make a trade and boost their chances of making a solid Playoff run or start a rebuilding process. A lot of teams are on the phone right now, but one franchise is primed to make a big move right now and it’s the Boston Celtics.

Brooklyn Nets have the worst record in the NBA by far, and the Boston Celtics have their first round pick. And yes, they also have their pick next season while they will also keep their own draft choice. This is a big deal for the Celtics as they can use those picks to make some big moves or they can keep those and recruit some of the best young talents in the world.

But, it seems that they are looking to make a move with at least one of those two choices. That would be a good decision by the team as they don’t need both picks. One is enough, and they also have some players stashed overseas that should be on their way to the NBA.

There are a lot of options for the Celtics. Jimmy Butler is the first one that comes to mind. Even though the Bulls aren’t really offering him, that doesn’t mean that they won’t listen to offers and nobody can give more than the Boston Celtics can. Andre Drummond seems like a darkhorse option for Boston, and there are two more days for them to make it happen. Celtics are also looking for a center, so Bogut and guys like him are also options for him as well.

Celtics will likely make a trade in the near future. And a big one that is. The question only is if they are going to do it now or maybe at the draft night.