Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Leaving The WWE?


The news broke a couple of days ago that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were sent home from Smackdown Live’s tour in Europe and that they are now no longer appearing on the live shows for the blue brand.

The reason behind them being sent home is the fact that they didn’t follow the script during the latest edition of Smackdown Live. The heel duo was supposed to get beaten up by the New Day after their segment on Tuesday, but they didn’t want to do it. By leaving the ringside area, the two avoided the orders and have gone off the script.

Smackdown officials really didn’t like that, and they wanted to send them home from the tour. After something like that was approved by the chairman himself Vince McMahon, they were sent off and are no longer a part of the show in Europe.

According to the rumors, Zayn and Owens are unhappy with the firing of Jacobs as he is their mutual friend. Hell in a Cell event went really good for them as they were given a big push that was supposed to turn into something. A couple of weeks later, they jobbed out to Nakamura and Orton clean. The booking team failed here and didn’t do them any favor.

Even though these two broke some rules, the fact of the matter is that rumors of them leaving the company are simply not true. Whatever the problems between them and the WWE are, they are likely going to work everything out with the company.

Zayn and Owens should have a big role at the Survivor Series during the 5v5 match even though they are not in it. That is going to make them happier, no doubt about that.