Kevin Owens/Shane McMahon Feud Heating Up

There is no hotter superstar on the Smackdown Live brand than Kevin Owens. He had a great feud going with Shane McMahon, but it took the next step when he laid out the CEO, Chairman of the WWE and the father of Shane, mister Vince McMahon himself. It was one of the biggest segments that SD Live produced in recent history, and it is definitely the most important feud on the brand going into their next pay per view Hell in a Cell.

Speaking of it, Shane McMahon came out at the start of the show and talked about what Kevin Owens has done to his father. Even though he and his father haven’t always had the same vision and the same opinion, he stated that he still loves him very much and that it was really tough to watch what Owens did to him while he was not on the show. At Hell in a Cell, he will get the chance to revenge Vince and put Kevin Owens in his place.

Then, we got the announcement that Owens will also speak about this situation. That was something that the fans have been anticipating ever since Kevin attacked the CEO. The promo that this man had there was really well done as he stated that he is sorry for attacking him, that he just saw Shane in him and wanted to beat the younger McMahon so badly. Kevin also added that he is sorry for the people that will watch HIAC since what he did to Vince was nothing compared to what he plans to do to Shane himself at the pay per view.

This feud has been going nicely, people want to see more of it, and they are going to tune in each and every week in order to see what these two have in store next. Very good storytelling on the part of the writers of Smackdown Live.