8 Top Software Programs to Kick Your Auto Repair Shop into High Gear


Do you ever feel like your auto repair shop is stuck in the stone age? Those in the automotive industry tend to stick with the old way of doing things as long as possible.

But if that’s you, you’re making your job way harder than it needs to be. The new way of running local auto repair shops is by using software specifically designed to make auto shops more efficient.

Running a business is hard and you need every tool you can find that will make it easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. And that’s exactly what the right type of software will do for you.

So what are the best software programs for an auto body repair shop to invest in? Keep reading to find out now, so your shop can take a big step forward into the future.

1. Tekmetric


Looking for an all-in-one solution that makes running your auto glass repair shop feel like cheating? Tekmetric.com is exactly that.

With features designed for shop owners, technicians, service writers, and your customers, this software will change every part of your business for the better. You can use it to manage your inventory so you never run out of parts and supplies.

Use it to create repair orders, listing each line item out to create easy-to-track invoices for customers. Tekmetric also allows your team members to schedule appointments and manage your shop’s schedule effectively.

You can process credit card payments directly through the system as well. And you can manage your employees, create schedules, and let them clock in using the platform.

Basically, this software is everything you need in one simple-to-use piece of software that can take the guesswork out of running your business.

2. Shop Monkey


There are many options when it comes to auto shop repair management software. Many platforms offer an all-in-one solution catered specifically to auto shops. Previously, you would’ve had to piece together multiple different platforms to get everything done, but today it’s all built together.

Aside from Tekmetik, it’s helpful to have some platforms to compare it to. Shop Monkey is another platform designed to manage your entire shop in one program.

The cloud-based platform eliminates the need to print, manage, and store paperwork, decluttering your office. You can process payments through the system and easily track invoices. Plus, it integrates with your accounting software to make bookkeeping easier than ever.

The system can also send customers appointment reminders automatically, lowering the chance of no-shows that result in wasted time and lost money. And the analytics and reporting features will help you understand your business more fully, helping to find areas ready for improvement.

3. Carfax


You can enroll your auto shop in the Carfax service program to better help your customers. This software can integrate with your current shop management software.

With it, you can send automated reminders to customers letting them know that their car is ready for routine services, such as oil changes. These simple reminder emails can help improve your returning customer rate by a long shot.

And according to many of the top auto blogs listed on Blogging.org, with the simple integrations, you can find out instantly if a customer’s vehicle has any open recalls, informing them of their vehicle’s status. Plus, partnering with Carfax lists your business in the Carfax Consumer program, which designates your auto shop as a trusted partner, which may lead to new business.

The Carfax Quick VIN feature can search for the vehicle’s history report so that your shop has all the information it needs on every vehicle that comes through your doors.

4. Accounting Software for Auto Repair Shop


As a business owner, you know all too well how important accounting and bookkeeping are to keep your business on track. You can integrate your shop management software and payment processing system to Freshbooks, making it easy to track all of your expenses and invoices.

Your bookkeeping will always be up to date, and you can avoid tons of errors that often come with unintegrated accounting systems. If you are looking to save money and always be ready for tax time, get reliable software like Freshbooks.

5. Wix


Obviously, you’re going to need a website for your shop. But because it only needs to contain basic information about your services, as well as contact information, it doesn’t need to be an expensive, custom-built website.

Instead, you can use software like Wix to easily create a professional-looking website. Using drag and drop features and prebuilt templates, you can save tons of time and money when putting together a website.

Or, you can hire someone to do it for you. Then, if you need to make changes later on, it will be easy enough for anyone on your team to make minor changes.

6. MailChimp


You need a way to email customers on a regular basis, letting them know about deals and sales you have going on. MailChimp is the go-to solution for most small businesses.

You can import customer email information from your shop management system and keep your customers informed and connected.

7. Grasshopper


Businesses need phone software that makes it easy for business owners and team members to get the calls they need, whether they are at the shop or on the road. Grasshopper is the perfect solution for businesses needing integrated, easy-to-use phone software.

8. Google AdWords


There are many different marketing methods to use for your auto shop. One of the most effective is going to be Google AdWords for drawing in new customers, which will then result in recurring customers.

Google AdWords makes it easy to target local customers with relevant ads depending on the terms they are searching for online. Use it to make the process of finding new customers easier than ever before.

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If you’re still running your auto repair shop on paper, you need to stop right now. There’s no reason to make your team suffer any longer.

Take the step now to invest in proper software that will make managing your shop so much easier. It will save you money, time, and a lot of frustration.

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