King Kong Skull Island – Trailer, News & Update

Kong: Skull Island is a new movie directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It is actually a reboot of the King Kong franchise, telling a story of the origins of this creature. This film will be a mixture of fantasy, action, and adventure.

According to reports, it is planned to be a part of the King Kong-Godzilla film series by Legendary Pictures, and this fantasy, action-adventure title was announced two years ago at the San Diego Comic Convention. The story is set in the home of the perilous ape king. It follows a group of explorers who set out to research an ancient island full of not so pleasant surprises in search of a mythical serum and the leader’s brother. They come across many curious creatures on their way as they are led by Captain James Conrad.

What’s more, the cast in ‘Kong: Skull Island’ is more than promising. Not only are the characters astonishing, but the actors portraying them are amazing, as well. Captain James Conrad is portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, Packard by Samuel L. Jackson, Weaver by Brie Larson, Glenn Mill by John Mitchell. John Goodman stars as Bill Randa, Tobby Kebbel as Champman, Jing Tian as San, Thomas Mann as Blake Simpson and Marc Evan Jackson as Woodward. The character of Kong, portrayed by Terry Notary, is played via motion capture.

Kong: Skull Island Release Date

Writers of ‘Kong: Skull Island’ are John Gatins, Max Borenstein, Derek Conolly and Dan Gilroy, while it is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The filming is to begin this autumn, and its release date in the United States is said to be March 2017 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D.

It was confirmed by Legendary that Godzilla and King Kong would be united in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’, which will come out on May 29, 2024. According to entertainment company behind this project, it will be a shared cinematic franchise focused on Monarch which unites King Kong and Godzilla. This collaboration doesn’t mean Legendary will change its home at Universal Pictures, it will only work together with Warner Bros. for the franchise.