Is Kirk Cousins Going To Leave The Redskins?

Robert Griffin III is the distant past in the Nation’s Capital. Washington has moved on from RGIII and gave the keys to the offense to his former backup Kirk Cousins. It seems that they made the right call since Cousins has had a great season so far and has led this team to the Playoffs last year.

He is now playing under the franchise tag, but there is no doubt that he wants to get paid. Cousins is looking for a big contract in the offseason, and he is going to get it. But, will the Redskins give it to him or will some other team jump in and make him their franchise QB. Will he actually leave the Redskins?

Well, it all depends on the money. If Washington decides to give him that max contract that he wants and is looking for, then he is going to stay with the squad. There are reports that he loves to check and pad his stats so that he can have as much leverage to negotiate as possible. He went 41/53 for 449 yards and 3 TDs against the Cowboys that are currently leading the NFL, and that should help him a lot in the offseason.

He will go to whoever shows him the most money and looking at his performance so far there is a good possibility that many teams will be interested in signing this man. Redskins really don’t have a better option than him, so we think they should and will show him the money so he would remain in the Nation’s Capital, leading the Redskins in the future.