Moana: The Best Five Songs

The latest Disney’s movie “Moana” has already gained a lot of attention, and one of the reasons why many see it as Disney’s another great success is without a doubt its music. For the time being, it seems as if no movie soundtrack can come even close to “Let it Go” from “Frozen.” However, that doesn’t mean that no song from another movie will ever reach that level of popularity.

Now let’s get back to Moana. We have to say that each and every song from the film is worth mentioning and it is not an easy task to decide which one of them deserves to be singled out. Actually, we had a hard time ranking the five of them. Now let’s take a look at the list we created after a lot of thinking.

5. You’re Welcome

After careful consideration, we decided to rank The Rock’s song as number five, and when you read the rest of the list, you’ll probably agree. Not that this one is not a good song (we have already said they are all of high quality) and Dwayne Johnson has definitely shown that he really can sing quite well, but we just didn’t find it to be the most beautiful. And not only did the famous actor prove he can sing, but he also found that role of a singer rather enjoyable. The tune is quite catchy so hurry up and listen to it if you haven’t already, you’ll love it.

4. Shiny

Some may say this song is not as catchy as the previous one, but we’re sure you’ll like it just as much we did if you just give it a chance. The one thing we are confident of is that Lin-Manuel Miranda has done an excellent job writing “Shiny” and that Jermaine Clement (who voices Tamatoa monster singing the song) has delivered a flawless performance. It’s enough to say that the movie would be incomplete without it.

3. An Innocent Warrior

This one has been described as “hypnotizing” for it really makes you feel as if you have been transported to another magical world. It is about the protagonist, Moana, as a child and her first contact with the sea. “An Innocent Warrior” is significant for another reason as well – it is the movie’s very first song.

2. We Know the Way

We’re getting close to the number one, and thus the emotions evoked by the songs are getting stronger. When it comes to “We Know the Way,” you just cannot listen to it without getting goosebumps. What’s interesting about this song is that we hear it two times during the movie – at the beginning and at the very end. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself sings this triumphant song.

1. How Far I’ll Go

When you first hear “How Far I’ll Go,” perhaps you’ll think that there is nothing special about it, because you have already heard Disney princesses singing about their desires for so many times. Needless to say, you’ll be wrong. This anti-princess faces a rather difficult situation when she has to choose between her own desires and what appears to be her duty (to save her people). The brave young girl Moana opts for the latter. Auli’i Cravalho had the honor to sing this top-ranked movie’s song.