Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Release Date, Manga News and Information, Spoilers


Knight’s and Magic Season 1 has ended, and the fans are patiently waiting for the second season. Ernesti Echevalier is fighting against the dragon-like Vyver with his Silhouette Knights, whereas the war against Zaloudek’s invading forces has come to an end. Are you curious what the young Knight Runner is going to do? If you cannot wait for the season two, look at the Knight’s and Magic manga for the hints about the next season.

Knight’s and Magic Light Novel Vs. Anime

The Knight’s and Magic story commenced in October 2010 as Hisago Amazake-no has written the light novel. The first light novel was published by Hero Bunko, whereas Kurogin was in charge of the illustrations. A total of seven light novels have been printed since September, and they consist of 107 chapters. The Volume 8 should arrive on September 30, 2017.


The popular manga by Takuji Kato appeared in Young Gangan magazine in April 2016. The manga has reached Volume 3, but the new chapters are being published every first and third Friday of the month. Volume 4 of the Knight’s and Magic manga should come out on September 25, 2017. However, both the light novel and manga are way behind the web novel, whereas some of the fans complained about the fast pace of the anime and how major parts of the story are left out. According to others, the anime focuses more on the mecha action than on some details and stories irrelevant to the main arc.

There are some large differences between anime/manga and the light novels, and the one of the biggest is that the readers have a clear insight of what is going on in Ernesti’s head and they can hear the thoughts of Kurata, Ernesti’s former self. In the anime, Ernesti or Eru has been thinking out loud, but that is only the small portion of what is happening inside his head in the novels. Also, interestingly enough, the Japanese man is from the Kansai region, so he thinks in that dialect, causing the translators to use a Southern or Texan dialect of English language to dub the anime.


Character development is also different in the light novels and anime, and a large number of scenes got cut in the anime with one of the famous being the admission that Adeltrud Walter had fallen in love with Ernesti. Nevertheless, many of the side characters like at-first cowardly Dietrich Cunitz are given enough screen time to develop and change. Moreover, the first episode of the anime covers the entire book, which means that the producers decided to speed up the beginning. A lot of material lacks in the anime and the whole episode’s worth of backstory, world building and exposition have been skipped, which feels as if the stories in the novels and on the screen are different.

The Knight’s and Magic anime Season 1 consists of 13 episodes only, so even big battles were summarized. For instance, the fight against Behemoth in the second episode was much more devastating in the novel, and it lasted one whole night. Mana depletion killed all of the first Knight Runners, whereas out of the ten students piloting Silhouette Knights, only Helvi Oberi, Dietrich and Edgar Blanche survived. Over 50 of the reinforcement Knight Runners were murdered by the Behemoth, who was basically playing with them, showing his strength.


Furthermore, in episode 11, when Vyver and Ikaruga face off, one important detail has been changed, and this may influence the development of the story. In the manga, Ether Reactor on the Vyver was destroyed by an anti-air lance, while the dragon tried to go high into the sky as it started losing precious energy. In the anime, the dragon ship and Ernesti’s mech canceled each other’s blasts out, resulting in a draw.

There are more differences between the two, but these are some of the key ones. Fortunately, the anime slowed down after the third episode because otherwise, it would have surpassed the web novel as well. Knight’s and Magic last episode – episode 13 – signifies the ending of Volume 5, or the end of the war with Zaloudek if we are talking about the story. This was the great point to pause the anime because there are no cliffhangers and ongoing mysteries or some other plot details which remain unexplained and even if the series ended after season one, there would be some kind of closure. If the anime continues with the slow pace, there will be enough material for the second season.


Release Date of Knight’s and Magic Season 2

According to The Fandom Post, thirteen episodes will be split up into three Blu-ray box sets with the first volume set to release on October 27, 2017, priced at 12,000 yen. The second volume is scheduled for December 22, 2017, at the same cost, whereas the third one comes out on February 23, 2018, but it will be 1,000 yen more expensive than the other two. These are all for the Japanese market exclusively.

However, anime production company, Studio 8bit has kept quiet regarding the Knight’s and Magic Season 2 release date, but we will let you know as soon as we find out. Usually, anime is the one which boosts the sales of the source material, and it is certainly true in this case. According to Anime News Network, the light novels and manga have been purchased in more than 1.2 million copies just one month after the anime started airing. The Knight’s and Magic is also popular in Europe with the score of 7.30 on MyAnimeList.

Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Spoilers

If you don’t want to learn what could happen in the upcoming season of Knight’s and Magic, you can stop reading here. After the Zaloudek kingdom has collapsed, the researchers escape to the surrounding nations with Ernesti’s technology with them. The tension is rising with the arms race advancing, while the king of Fremmevilla Kingdom is shocked to see the airship that the Order of the Silver Phoenix brings home with them, so he gives Eru the task to build flying Silouhette Knights.

Meanwhile, the Ether Reactors can’t produce enough power for both levitation devices and thrusters simultaneously. Ady is piloting the prototype Silouhette Knight that uses two Ethar Reactors with miniaturized levitation devices installed at the expense of smaller thrusters in order to achieve sustained flight.


The king forms the knightly Order of the Purple Swallow instead of retraining knight runners to become air combat pilots, and a large number of new characters are introduced. Edgar and Dietrich are offered a promotion, and they could form their own knightly orders. They are indecisive, but Eru advises them to do what their heart tells them. Speaking of Eru, he doesn’t like the idea of giant battleships because many people may abandon using Silouhette Knights in case the battleships are deadly in combat. Nevertheless, he designs the equivalent of the Gundam SCV-70 White Base as an assault carrier, which the Knights of the Silver Phoenix take to explore demon forest called the Sea of Trees.

The Knights have a rough time as they are ambushed by the flying demon beasts which can spit acid. Everyone flees except Eru who stays behind to hold off the swarm. When they return to Fremmeville, the king orders the knights to stay put, but the Silver Phoenix defies the orders and goes to rescue the leader.


In Volume 7, the knights are visiting the country of the giants and the country of the dwarves, who are the smiths in charge of creating the Silouhette Knights. The Demon King, who is as large as the city threatens the world, which is on the brink of war.

If the Knight’s and Magic anime goes forward but at a slower pace, the Season 2 should line up with the events in Volume 8 or Volume 9. Stay tuned for more details.