Do you know why the buttons on men’s shirts are on the right and the women’s on the left?

Did you even know that the buttons on female and male shirts are located on different sides? Namely, buttons on women’s shirt are placed on the left, while men’s are positioned on the right. If you have ever tried to wear the shirt of those of the opposite gender, then you must have noticed that there is something quite unusual. Well, there is an explanation for this division.

For men, the buttons have been on the right side of the shirt ever since the Middle Ages. The men were carrying a sword under their coat, and the sword was placed on the left side of it. In order to be able to get the sword out easily and quickly, the buttons had to be on the right side of the coat.

Later, when women discovered the blouse, they did not button themselves, on their own. Instead, they had an assistance as they were buttoned by seamstresses and maids. As they were standing in front of women buttoning their blouses, it was easier for them if the buttons were sewn on the left side of the shirt. This distribution has remained to this day, according to “Bild.”

However, there are also other stories circulating the world which are related to the gender itself. There is a theory that the women’s dressing has buttons on the left and men’s on the right, to show that women are below men on the social ladders. It’s an evidence of men’s power over women. However, many people like to reject this theory, especially in this new era.

However, the story that includes the sword and maids is, at least, to some extent logical, because they began to wear buttons on the left side between 1840 and 1850, and until then women’s clothing had its buttons on the right side.