Take a look at the plane of the future


Airbus ACJ319Neo was designed by the Italian company Pagani Automomobili. For the making of this aircraft, they employed special materials such have not been used in any other aircraft before. And that is what makes this plane so special. So, let’s see what is so intriguing and fascinating about it.

Airbus has unveiled a new aircraft with a special Infinito cabin and special screens on the board that will be displaying the sky outside the plane, while passengers will be able to enjoy the spectacular view.

In addition, apart from screens in the aircraft that will be able to show the sky and the environment in which it is located, they will also be able to show other pictures by pressing a special button.


Due to the unusual design of the aircraft, passengers will have the impression that there are no walls between them and the sky. The whole intention and purpose of building such a plane was to give an amazing bird-like pleasure to its passengers. If you check out the pictures of the aircraft, you will understand better what is it that we are talking about.

As already mentioned, for making the aircraft the company used specially developed materials such have not been applied for creation of any other aircraft before. In fact, this plane is made of CarboTitaniuma, an alloy made of a combination of carbon fiber and titanium making it super durable.


The interior of the plane is decorated with leather carpets and wooden floor, to make the experience of flying as comfortable as possible. And the creators say that the aircraft is actually a combination of art and science, felt in every inch of it. They also add that this mixture originates since the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

However, this is not a big plane that could carry hundreds of passengers, but it is quite fast. Airbus ACJ319Neo can transport eight people and can travel 12,500 kilometers in 15 hours.