Kuromukuro Season 3: Is the series going to be cancelled?

Source: netflix.com

The Kuromukuro is on for two seasons already, and now it is time for the third one. However, the rumors regarding the series renewal or cancellation have been circulating the Internet for quite some time now. Even though the first two episodes were successful and the audience is eager to see the next one as soon as possible, there are still no updates on its release.

The storyline of a series is focused on mecha. The series begin by following the attack on United Nations Research Center. We are presented with a character named Iso who happens to reveal an unusual antique artifact. This old object was discovered upon the foundation of Kurobe Dam.

These events have all resulted in having a particular group of people of Mt. Tate National Senior High School gather around the same idea, and that is fighting the ones in charge of the attack. This group of people is guided by a young samurai called Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma.

Source: netflix.com

Kennosuke is a man who comes from the past and tries to fit into the present. Namely, his actions and his thoughts are hidden under the veil of mystery and secrecy, which comes as no surprise for such a man. As the story progresses, he starts seeing eye to eye with Yukina, and the two start working together on future plans regarding the mission. The interesting part, for the fans, is that there could be something more between these two characters, in the field of love.

As for the Season 3 of The Kuromukuro, the word about its cancellation took everyone by surprise, and mostly the fans. But apparently, the success of first two seasons doesn’t have any impact on its future seasons.

The rumors about series being canceled started when Netflix refused to give any information regarding the future of the series. These stories have led everyone into thinking about the cancellation mentioned above. Stay tuned to find out more.