Kurt Angle And Shane McMahon Wrestling At Survivor Series?

Source: cagesideseats.com

Ever since Kurt Angle came back to the WWE as the Raw General Manager, everybody has been asking him when he is going to make his in-ring comeback. Well, that happened sooner than anyone expected. He was just out of nowhere booked to be Roman’s replacement in the main event of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Now, he might be looking to wrestle some more matches, with the first one being a traditional Survivor Series 5v5 Elimination battle.

Shane McMahon brought his SD Live Superstars to Monday Night Raw, and we had a chance to see Shane giving orders for his guys to annihilate the red brand. Then he told Kurt Angle to bring his gold medal to the event which might be a sign of him challenging him to be in the match at SS.

Source: bleacherreport.com

These two guys have some history together. We know how much WWE always wants Shane to wrestle in big matches as he is a draw. Kurt Angle is a draw too and these two in the ring would for sure boost it in the mainstream media. That is always company’s goal which makes it all the more likely for him to be involved in this event.

Shane wrestled last year, and he did a nice job. When it comes to this year’s match, it seems that him being in the battle at SS makes, even more, sense than it did last year. He is involved now with the other GM, something is building there, and we might see Kurt Angle coming out next week to announce that he will be in the contest at the final dual branded pay per view. Don’t be surprised if that happens next week on Raw.