Kurt Angle Talking About Why Roman Reigns Is Getting Negative Reactions


Kurt Angle is one of the best that has ever stepped in the wrestling ring. He is not only one of the best that WWE had to offer as he worked for a lot of promotions after his run in the WWE and has been successful as any other guy. Angle knows the business and is just a walking legend. He offered the explanation of why Roman Reigns is getting booed by the fans even though he is a babyface.

“Roman Reigns is talented. I don’t care what anyone says. You can’t deny that the kid knows how to work. I believe what happened to him was that they didn’t have him go through the ringer. They didn’t have him win the European title, or I should say, the Intercontinental title, U.S. title, King Of The Ring (tournament). They just threw him up there right away and the fans don’t like that. They want you to earn your keep. If any wrestler has ever done that, I don’t know of one. It seemed like they were really trying to push Roman faster than he should have been pushed. I think he will earn the respect of fans, but it’s going to take a little bit more time.”


The general belief is that WWE could make a lot more money by simply turning Roman Reigns heel, but it seems that they are really on him being the next big face. Angle continued explaining why it’s a no-brainer for Vince McMahon to keep pushing him.

“For Vince McMahon, it’s not a difficult choice. You keep Roman Reigns in the picture and you just continue to push him. And eventually, someday, it won’t be the half and a half, 50 and 50, 50 (percent of the crowd) like him and 50 don’t. Eventually, it will go up, 60, 70 percent.”