The Curse of Oak Island: Is the curse real?

The mystery of a buried treasure aired on History Channel is having its fourth season coming to an end. However, the speculations about the curse being conceived only for the purposes of TV show started to circulate lately.

The audience has been closely observing the ongoings of the popular reality, as the curse kept resolving little by little for the last three years. But ever since the curse was said to be “made up for the show” according to some critics, the ratings of the show were on the rise.

The Curse of Oak Island was first brought to light in 2014 on the History Channel, and the show’s popularity has been immense since its first release.

According to the curse, seven men are said to die before the treasure was found. In 2013, History Channel made an official announcement that one more person was to die to complete the curse. They stand behind the sentence “seven people will die before the treasure is found, and that six have died in various accidents already.” However, as for some of the reports, there is actually a larger number of people who have lost their lives searching for this treasure and not only six of them.

Lagina brothers have managed to keep the audience on their toes for 4 seasons already even though they did not make any actual profit when it comes to money. Despite that, they are determined to complete this quest of theirs and to continue to explore the areas of the island. But it seems that the crew will have to pace things up a bit, so as to keep the audience engaged. So we are left to see, which direction Marty and Rick are going to take the show to. Let’s wait and see if they have something up their sleeve that will keep fans firmly glued to their seats!