Kyrie Irving Is Entering His Prime Years

There has been a lot of criticism coming Irving’s way in the past couple of seasons. People were saying that he is not the real point guard, that he doesn’t know how to get his teammates involved and that he is pretty much overrated. Well, he was able to make those critics shut up with his play in the Finals.

The one more thing that he did was to show how great of a fit he actually is in this Cleveland’s system. He made people appreciate him for who he is as a player. He didn’t try to be what other people wanted him to become. Kyrie was just himself, and it paid off at the end of the season.

This man is a scorer. And a deadly one we might add. His handle is tough to follow, his shot is beautiful, and he is one of the best finishers and layup maker in the whole NBA. He doesn’t need to be a traditional point guard in order for Cavs to succeed. LeBron James is the one that will do that for him. In return, Kyrie Irving is going to cause trouble for every NBA defense and will make some clutch shots when his team needs it the most.

This dynamic is perfect for both players. The way these two are playing right now is enabling Irving to find his true role in this league and enter his prime years. LeBron doesn’t need to go all out during the regular season since much younger Irving will do that for him.