Audi SQ5 Plus – Should You Buy One?


The Audi SQ5 Plus did bring some class when it was launched to the market and it is a great family car. It managed to top competitors such as Volvo XC60 or the BMW X3 in sales. Although this car is really practical and refined, it lacks something and it seems a bit dull and ordinary.

The car is equipped with a twin-turbo V6 diesel engine that produces 309bhp and 479 lb-ft of torque. According to the company, the car reaches 0-62mph in a bit over five seconds, which is also better than its rivals. One of them is BMW X3 that takes under six seconds, but some of the cars from this SUV category go over seven.

However, not everything is so amazing once the SQ5 Plus is on the road. The eight-speed automatic transmission struggles with short-shifting and the car can lose power and torque in this way.
Furthermore, there have been some changes regarding the chassis. Namely, the development team has reduced the height of the chassis by 30mm comparing to the Q5’s. Moreover, they have stiffened its springs and anti-roll bars. Furthermore, the new stiffer fixed-rate dampers have been specified. The suspension kinematics hasn’t been changed.

The optional variable-ratio Dynamic Steering system has a good grip indeed. However, in handling responses, it lacks progressiveness and coherence. Be that as it may, the car can brag with its speed and stability, but it is not much better than the lesser trims. The driver can be confused with the best Drive Select settings.

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During the testing, the ride becomes restless on slightly rougher roads, mainly because of the new dampers. The SQ5 Plus comes with an underestimated Germanic design appeal, whereas the interior is indeed spacious and rich and it also possesses some high-quality materials.

So, the car has its advantages and downsides, so think before you decide to make a move.