Fast and Furious 8 – Will Paul Walker’s Character Return? Dwayne Johnson doesn’t get along with the rest?

Ever since Paul Walker’s tragic death, there have been many speculations whether his character Brian O’Connor will return to the screen. However, due to the cutting edge technologies and with the help of Paul’s brothers this isn’t impossible.

When Paul’s brother Cody signed a contract to be in the “Fast 8” it gave hope to the majority of fans that O’Connor will appear in the sequel. However, Cody’s name is not on the cast list. On the other hand, some believe that Cody Walker is here for some other reasons. Cody may be Brian’s brother in the movies or just a new driver that appears, as some fan theories state.

However, Paul Walker will appear in some way. It can be through pictures, or CGI or he even makes a phone call. But what will happen with Dwayne Johnson? The Rock portrays the role of Luke Hobbs in the movie franchise and he got into conflict with one of the main cast members, during the last days of filming the new movie.

Some believe that he spoke of Vin Diesel or Dominic Toretto in the film. Actors such as Tyrese and Ludacris took Vin Diesel’s side after the accusations from Dwayne Johnson. It is unknown what is happening with the cast, but they have found the solution to this conflict in a secret meeting, according to the sources.

Fast 8” will come out in April 2017.