Lagina brothers inspire new stories for Season 5 The Curse of Oak Island

Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island will finally premiere on television. The finale of the last season is widely known to have been unsuccessful in coming up with a breakthrough and failing to fulfill fans’ expectations. Still, the creators of the series gave some compliments to the Lagina brothers, and they said yes to filming the fifth part.

The fifth season had been at risk because of considerable costs and the Lagina brothers being away from their families for a long period of time. Nonetheless, they gave the green light to another season. Even Jana Bennett, the president and general manager of History Channel is content with how the show is progressing.

The History Channel is hoping to win over an even larger number of viewers since the finale of the fourth season was given the highest ranking. In spite of digging for quite some time, the Lagina brothers are still expected to come across something remarkable.

One extraordinary discovery is anticipated, and there’s a chance it may turn up in the fifth season of The Curse of Oak Island. Viewers have been in doubt for a while whether the brothers would ever discover something. Nevertheless, the fans are so intrigued with new stories about the treasure that they are eagerly anticipating the following season.

Not long ago, Kevin Burns explained that it was not easy to persuade the Lagina brothers to do the Season 5. Anyhow, he said that this show can be done for ten years and that there is enough of material to continue for many more years. After the success with ratings in Season 4, the sequel is impatiently awaited not only in North America but also worldwide.

Since there are a lot of new adventures in store, the fans are definitely holding their breath for this next season.