Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Costs $3 Million

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The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has the best acceleration from all the vehicles produced by the Italian carmaker. Lamborghini Gallardo served as a motivation to the Sesto Elemento, which topped models such as Centenario and Veneno when it comes to acceleration.

When you combine V10 beast with lightweight, space materials, chassis you are sure to get stellar performances. Acceleration, top speed, and handling are on the top level and it can beat many significantly more powerful supercars.

What is really specific about this car is that although it is based on Gallardo, all of its exterior and interior elements differ. Sesto Elemento may be the most bespoke limited-run model and it is quite exceptional and desirable vehicle. All the other vehicles such as Reventon, Centenario and Veneno share at least some elements with the cars they are based on.

Now, the vehicle is available in London and for slightly less than $3 million you can purchase one. The car is listed on James Edition and if you are a Lamborghini aficionado, you need to embrace this amazing opportunity. The car has just 10 km on the clock and it will be delivered to you immediately.

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However, the vehicle must not be driven on public roads, so the only place you can try it out is a racetrack. So, if you want a car for a racetrack, the Sesto Elemento is definitely the best option there is.

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