Minnesota Timberwolves – Season Preview And Predictions

image source: drodd.com

There is no team in the NBA that is more loaded with young talent than the Minnesota Timberwolves. Karl-Anthony Towns is looking like one of the Top 20 players in the NBA. The hype is so big about Towns because he just fits in this new NBA. He is a great all-around player who can get it done down on the post and on the perimeter, he has the touch and plays defense. What’s not to like.

There is also a man that has been kind of forgotten because KAT. Andrew Wiggins is also a great two-way player and an athletic freak. He can get it done on the offensive side of the ball. Wiggins just needs to continue working on his offensive game and his shot. If he adds a bit more versatility on the offensive side of the ball, this man will be deadly.

Kris Dunn is also the player that a lot of people like. But this rookie will start his career on the bench playing behind Ricky Rubio. They’ll wait and see what they have in him and if they are confident enough to put him in the starting lineup, Rubio will be traded. Zach LaVine is also deadly. If he can improve his shooting, he can really make some noise.

This team is just loaded with young guys and they have so much talent. Maybe this is the year in which they will end that long Playoff drought. If they do that, we wouldn’t be surprised. In order to do that, Karl-Anthony Towns would need to play at an All-Star level. And Wiggins would need to be close to that level.

image source: startribune.com

These guys can do it that is for sure. We are on the fence about this team, but we will say that they have a shot to make the Playoffs. Still, it just feels like they are one year away from being a solid Playoff team in the Western Conference. We are going to predict that they will go 39-43, but just miss the cut for Postseason. But make no mistake about it, this Wolves can be the surprise of the season.