Lana Makes Her Main Roster Debut


After Rusev went down with his injury a couple of months ago, the WWE decided that they are going to try to turn Lana into a wrestler and have her make a run on the main roster. They decided to give her a dancing gimmick, which looks like something Emmalina didn’t want to have so they passed it off to the next person in line.

Smackdown Live is where both Rusev and Lana were traded a couple of weeks ago during the superstar shake up, so we knew that she is going to be on the blue brand. Vignettes about her debut were shown ever since she was traded to the blue brand, but nobody knew when she was actually going to show up and make everybody feel her presence.

WWE decided that last night was the night for her debut. Every single women’s superstar was in the ring when she showed up and asked Shane if she can be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Everybody laughed, which Lana didn’t appreciate so the things got a little tasty between her and SD Live Women’s Champion Naomi. All of this led to her leaving the ringside area and showing up later when there was a 6-women tag match going on.


She was the one to cause Naomi’s team to lose as that was the way for her to get the last laugh yesterday. Even though this is not an ideal debut for the Ravishing Russian, it is still going to be interesting to see how are they going to use Lana in the future. Do they have a real plan for her, or are they just going to throw her out there with no purpose whatsoever?