Ranking All Quarterbacks In The AFC West

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One of the toughest divisions in the NFL is for sure the one where the Kansas City Chiefs were able to outplay all the other teams that were chasing them. That doesn’t mean that the results are going to be the same this year as well. There are some interesting QBs in this division, and we are here to rank them today.

4) TREVOR SIEMIAN, Denver Broncos – He is still young and has a lot to prove. Last year, it seemed that he was better than most people thought he would be. Broncos have the defense ready, but it is going to be Siemian’s job to use all of his weapons the right way and lead them back to the Playoffs.

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3) ALEX SMITH, Kansas City Chiefs – Yes, he is a decent QB that is going to keep the ball safe and not lose the game for you. But, as we have seen in the Playoffs, he is not going to be the one to win it for you either. They drafted a QB in the first round for a reason, and it is a guy that is the complete opposite of what Smith represents.

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2) PHILIPP RIVERS, Los Angeles Chargers – Even though they were the worst team in the division last year, they do have the second best signal caller in the NFC West. Chargers have failed to put the weapons around this man as they are wasting the talent that he truly does possess.

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1) DEREK CARR, Oakland Raiders – The best QB in the division hands down. He has the weapons around him, and this guy has proven that he knows how to make the most out of the situation that he is in. If it weren’t for the injury last year, who knows how far would the Raiders have gone in the Playoffs.

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