Land Rover Defender Prototypes Have Already been Designed

Land Rover has really put an effort lately so that the iconic Land Rover Defender can get his successor and the prototypes of the new car are already being tested on the streets. The prototypes reveal that this vehicle will differ from the other models.

Dr. Ralf Speth, the head of Jaguar Land Rover, was the one who told Autocar about the new prototypes, so there is no doubt about the credibility of information. Moreover, he declared that the design has already been finalized and the car is “fantastic”.

The aluminum platform that is used in the new Discovery, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport will also be integrated into the new generation of Defender. According to Speth, the modern Defender will look like neither Evoque nor Discovery Sport. Because of the complete off-road orientation, It will be a quite unique model. The vehicle will differ in some small parts, but the largest variation will be in body panels.

Dr. Ralf Speth also said:”There is no question of the new Defender just being an icon. We are working on an authentic successor to the old Defender. The architecture will contain a lot of elements that are different [from other aluminum cars].”

The new Land Rover Defender will most likely be launched as a 2019 MY. Stay tuned for more details.