5 Landscaping & Backyard Maintenance Tips


When spring comes and the flowering period begins, we all want that atmosphere and that experience in our backyards. Many of us enjoy arranging it while some prefer to leave it to the professionals. How much money do you spend in the season to maintain the environment? All this doesn’t have to be so expensive with just a little bit of good will, and with adequate advice that will make these activities easier and more fun for you. You can design your exterior in various styles and, with the help of many tricks, make your garden space more beautiful than it has ever been. Cleaning, pruning, planting, mowing… will no longer represent such a problem for you. With a couple of perfect pieces of garden furniture for you and your family and adequate maintenance, the enjoyment will be equal to a little paradise.


Here are some tips to help you maintain your yard and save you time and money.

  1. Compost and needed tools – checked!

Before you start preparing your yard for a better season or maintaining it, you must provide yourself with all the necessary means to work. Compost can enrich our plants, so it’s a great idea to make it at home, by yourself.

After all the conditions are provided (and without this the compost can’t ‘work’), we need to know that it must have a certain ratio of carbon as this is the basic source of energy and nitrogen that plants need. This means that we’ll do it properly if we implement some grass, fruit and vegetable remains and so on. And, as you have tried so hard to make it and invested much effort in it, make sure you store it properly by keeping it covered, but still in a place where there’s sunlight.

Also, provide all the garden tools you need. It’s good to have a fountain or a hose in the yard that will do some wonders for gardening in the summer. But in the winter, it’s better to close it or move it to a safe place so that the flow of water and the emergence of ice in the pipe doesn’t cause cracking.

The best option is a special garden hose for watering, together with a lawnmower, water buckets, rubber gloves, and a work suit. And there you go – you’re fully equipped! In the winter, move everything to your garage or some other enclosed space so that they stay in good condition and can be used in the future.

  1. Keep your lawn clean

Wind, unwanted guests (mostly animals and insects, people, or anything else that comes in contact with your lawn can cause it to ‘get dirty’. During late winter, early spring, but also in autumn, some hay, weeds and moss can often be found where they shouldn’t actually exist. For that reason, dedicate a certain amount of time to their removal in order to keep everything clean.

There are several ways to remove weeds, and it’s recommended to remove them together with the root. Some people will choose to do it manually, while some will prefer to deal with it with the help of certain tools. However, weeds can also be removed chemically, by direct application of herbicides.

Perhaps the biggest problems can be caused by the appearance of moss. Its existence prevents the growth of grass and in case it isn’t detected in time, it can expand all over your precious lawn. It often occurs in cases of poor soil quality, as well as in the absence of sunlight and increased moisture content. That’s why it’s quite significant to understand the cause of its occurrence, but also monitor the situation regularly .

  1. Necessary grass care


After a long summer period and great heat, your grass will need proper care. Also, it should be prepared for harsh winter conditions in order to welcome spring in the best possible state. This is the ideal time to treat it with fertilizers, with the help of which you’ll provide it with all the nutrients it needs.

By applying the appropriate technique, you can achieve a flawless look of your lawn that will certainly reach an enviable level. It will become a favorite place for your children to play – and we’re sure that it will be on the Instagram accounts of all your friends who come to visit you.

  1. Prepare the garden and vegetables for the winter period


If you are a fan of a healthy life and you like to be sure of the quality of the food you eat, then we’re positive that there’s a corner in your garden dedicated to your favorite vegetables. We all know that the perfect time for planting is spring. For that reason, we need to prepare these plants for the winter.

To begin with, remove all plant residues in order to avoid the appearance of various diseases that can affect their growth in the next season. This way you’ll leave them some space to reform next year without any interference. Some gardeners also recommend the use of rototillers. After you do that, all you have to do is wait for the arrival of spring, when you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to planting your lovely vegetables and cultivating the garden again so that later you can enjoy the results that you are responsible for.

  1. Maintenance of trees and shrubs is a must


Whether you have a smaller or larger yard, you have probably opted for at least a couple of trees that perfectly suit your exterior. Deciduous ornamental trees, as the word itself explains, can’t adapt to extreme winter and autumn conditions. For that reason, it’s fundamental to prepare them for these occasions. You can do this by pruning, removing dried and excess branches so that they don’t unnecessarily take water and nutrients from your tree.

Many people, in order to hide from the curious glances that come from the other side, decide to grow evergreen conifers, which are sometimes present in the role of a fence. Apart from being so lovely and decorative, their advantage is reflected in the fact that they’re durable throughout the year with proper care. They should be protected from the cold by occasional watering in order to obtain the essential moisture and not to dry out.

According to what you can read on findlocaltreeservice.com, weather conditions are sometimes the most unpredictable thing that could happen to your plants, so don’t let them remain unprepared.

There are many ways to keep the look of your yard at an enviable level, to the point where all your friends and family will prefer spending their time there. With a little effort and creativity, it’s fun and fruitful to achieve that, by planting trees and flowers that’ll show your landscaping skills. If you protect your space in the right way, it will remain your peaceful piece of the world where you’ll be happy to stay for years to come.