Lanmodo Vast – Highly Effective Night Vision Device for Your Car

Most people have discovered the need for Vast-high effective night vision device for their cars.  Following this discovery, car owners are currently looking for a way to build a similar system into their cars. But the in-built night vision is only created for a specific luxury car, like BWM, Benz, which comes with the high price tag,  leaving those that user ordinary car with no option than to install one into their device.

Fortunately, Lanmodo Vast 1080p night vision system is built for compatibility with 99% of modern car models. More so, it is a cost-effective product suitable for many drivers.

The Key Features and Accessories

The Lanmodo Vast comes portable packaged with all the accessories you need to make its installation easy. Also, with the all-inclusive accessories in the package, the system is made to perform perfectly and last long for users. In the well-packaged cotton box, you will find the night viewing camera, which is a 1080-pixel resolution.

There is a cigarette lighter plug for installation, which is connected to the OBD adapter.  The display comes with two plugs, such as NVS connection wire, DC 12V power input.

For easy attachment to either the screen or the dashboard, there is a suction cup and non-slip mat. Easy installation is assured with the screwdriver that comes in the package. So, you do not have to worry about searching for a crew that will match the screws needed to attach the device firmly on the dashboard.

There are also added accessory for 24-volt cars provided for Lanmodo Vast. The adaptor converter provided here can convert 24 V to 12V, but you may be allowed to buy this with your money as it does not come in the package.

Test Driving Lanmodo Vast

By mere looking at the package of Lanmodo Vast, I realize that it will certainly have something interesting to offer. The write up on the package explained everything you are expecting to experience. You will see something like 1080P high resolution, full-color image, and drive safely at night are the write-ups on the package.

After taking a little time to install it with the help of the screwdriver included in the package, it is time for the road test. Before putting on the device, the road was dark, which made driving difficult and risky due to the visibility issue.

The moment the night viewing camera was put on, the screen lighted up the road like a broad daylight, and the road was as if it was illuminated using several high-definition 1000-watt energy bulbs.

The product offers the road view distance of about 94f/300m away, letting me know the road situation from an advance. Also, it offers a 36° high definition wide-angle for broader world road view. Another wonderful experience about this camera is that it reflects a real situation with a full-color image.

Its 8.2” IPS screen makes viewing the road real clear view without causing distractions. Driving fatigue general with night driving is eliminated with driving with a night vision system, which helps to improve safety in the dark. It is a worthy technology assistant device that can meet the needs of anyone embarking on a trick through a mountainous or the eyeless road.

The test on Lanmodo Vast was done not only in the evening, but also on a rainy, and foggy road. Blurred vision on a rainy road is eliminated with the help of it. More so, I was able to drive on foggy weather with clear road view.

After testing, it is obvious that the device is better than in-built night visions in most luxury cars. It offers 1080P resolution as opposed 480P of the inbuilt system. Also, it offers HD full-color image, unlike the black and white images in the in-built system.

How to install the device

Installation of this Lanmodo Vast can be done in two different ways, which is with non-slip mat, and with a suction cup.

With the non-slip mat, you should follow the steps below

  1. Fix the display on the non-slip mat, and get the mat attached to the dashboard for the firm and unshaken position
  2. Connect the lug to the OBD adapter or cigarette lighter using the cable.

The second method to get it installed is through the use of a suction cup

  1. Get the display hooked to the provided suction cup, and get it attached to the windshield.
  2. With the help of OBD adapter or cigarette lighter get the device connected to using a cable provided in the package.


Overall, Lanmodo Vast night vision device is excellent at improving the night vision at dark roads. You should definitely buy one if you are among those who love driving in the evening. Lanmodo offers a number of fabulous features at amazingly low prices, and ensures that you can enjoy a safe drive at night, or in bad weather.

It costs only $499, and then you get a high-effective night vision device and worthy of your car.  Now it is a chance for you to get a Lanmodo Vast with a coupon of 50 USD off, just click here to get it from the official website with the code LMDNVS_OP. Also, you can get it from Amazon,  to save 50 USD with the code  10PEM555.

Here is a real test video: