5 Benefits Of Having A Digital Music Player Rather Than Online Music


Music is part and parcel of our day to day living. It plays a big role in sustaining us when the chips are down or add to the celebration when we achieve success.

With access to the internet and increasing daily consumption of online content, online music has become an easy choice. Having said that a digital music player is always handy when compared to online music. There are several reasons mentioned which add strength to the aforementioned statement.



Online music runs on the internet. Therefore, just like a vehicle can’t move without the required fuel, your music experience is hindered with bad network quality and handicapped without the internet. A digital audio player is like a saviour and let’s you connect with your favorite songs always. For most of the daily commuters like students studying in colleges, professionals working far from home or even those who travel a long distance by car, music is an essential component of their lives. One cannot imagine the daily routine without the daily dose of music. This is where a portable digital music player like Saregama Carvaan GO scores big and keeps you musically entertained.



Another feature of a portable music player like Saregama Carvaan is that the songs are pre-loaded. The song list is curated by experts and you will get to listen to only the best collection of hits. Also, Saregama owns the exclusive copyrights for the songs as well. Now there is a possibility in the future that the online music services may get banned or shut down because of the changing copyright laws and security issues. In order to avoid such a situation, it is always advised to buy albums or a digital music player. This way you can be assured that your song collection remains with you forever.


Most of the online music platforms like YouTube and others run on the ad revenue model. This means advertisements are inevitable when you listen to songs online. But, the music is something which must be soothing to the soul without interruptions. A cycle of euphoric moments is what you attain when the playlist just keeps on playing your favorites. This is another highlight of such music players and its range of products. There is a huge collection of songs in the digital audio player you can choose from and enjoy without any sort of unnecessary distractions.


Along with the unwanted ads, there is an inherent problem when you stream online music on your phone. The frequent messages and the calls. You are listening to the emotionally charged music and a notification pops us ruining the mood. Sounds frustrating, right? You can always ensure a smooth flow of the playlist of your favorite songs with Saregama Carvaan. The digital audio player doesn’t have any of these issues and you can enjoy the songs in peace. Therefore, it is important that you measure all the options and decide how to enjoy music.



Many of the online music services have hidden subscription fees. For a time period, you can listen to the songs for free and later you are charged big for the services. Saregama, on the other hand, offers a huge collection of vintage songs, good stations, genres and much more. You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere and always.

Other than these 5 benefits of having a digital music player, there are many more. You are never limited by traveling or the location. Even when you are traveling by road, rail or airplane, a digital music player is your go-to device for listening to songs. While you enjoy mountain trekking or exploring the deep forests, listening to music online is difficult. The huge collection of pre-loaded songs in Saregama’s range of digital audio players like Saregama Carvaan, Saregama Mini, Saregama Gold or Saregama GO will surely be a great music companion forever. Know more about a digital audio player on the link below: