Last Man on Earth Season 4 Release Date

The surprisingly good and growing popular TV show called Last Man on Earth is confirmed for Season 4, but there are speculations that it could be the last season of this show. Tandy and his crew were on the ropes for a while, but it seems that they have managed to wiggle out of the hard place and now we have confirmation that the Fox renewed the show for the next year, and what is more unexpected Fox did this ahead of its upfront presentation.

The Last Man on Earth show creators Will Forte, Chris Miller, Phil Lord, Seth Cohen, Andrew Bobrow and Erik Durbin managed to keep the show from cancellation that threatened after the middle of the road numbers came out. The show’s first couple of seasons looked promising and brought stellar ratings as well as plenty of audience, but somewhere near the end of Season 3 things got turned for worse. Ratings went down and, as it is normal, the series lost some fans during its three season run. The worst was Season three which constantly had below the 2 million viewer range. Most networks would draw a line here and definitely pull the plug on the show but not Fox, they need more than this to make sure that the series is dying.

Fox decided to neglect all of this and keep this high concept and a highly praised sitcom for another season, but will it be a smart move, only time will tell. As you probably know by now the show’s star is Forte as Phil (Tandy) Miller, who is supposed to be the last surviving man on earth after a virus wiped out an entire civilization. Ironically Tandy is not the last survivor, and during the series, he keeps meeting other that have survived just like him. The recurring cast in the show includes Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Mary Steenburgen and Cleopatra Coleman.

As we managed to find out, Tandy and the gang will be returning to our big screens on Sunday, October 1st at 9:30 p.m. on Fox and the cast for this season will not change much. Kristen Wiig and Chris Elliot both retain recurring roles in season 4, at least according to what EW reported. Thanks to that report we also know that Elliot will play a new character named Glenn, a castaway living on a deserted island, while Wiig will reprise her role as Pamela, the savior who killed Pat and saved Tandy at the end of season 3. What more interesting things await us in Season 4 is so far unknown, but as we come close to the premiere date, more will be known. Stay close for any updates.