Whoever solves this puzzle gets – MILLION DOLLARS!


Although the competition is open to everyone, do not think it’s easy, unless you’re a programming expert.

A Scientist, Professor Ian Gent and his team from the University of St. Andrews offer a $ 1 million reward to a person who can figure out a software that will solve the “Queen Puzzle.” Before you go on be wary, although this competition is open to everyone, do not think it’s easy unless you’re a programming expert, writes Unilad.

Founded in 1850, the “Queen Puzzle” includes eight figures from a chess board. Moreover, it includes eight queens. The task for the players is to set eight queens on a standard chess board so that none can attack the other.

This means placing the queens in different rows so that the two queens are not in the same column, nor can they meet diagonally. The riddle itself is solved, but all computer programs have failed when the chess board was enlarged and more fields were added. Gent and his colleagues believe that a computer program that can solve this task could be sophisticated enough to solve most of the tasks, such as decrypting the toughest security software.

If you can write a program that can solve this puzzle quickly, you can also adjust it to solve most of the important problems that we are trying to solve today – said Ian Gent.

This includes trivial tasks like finding the largest group of your friends on Facebook who are not familiar with each other, but also important tasks like breaking codes that secure our online transactions – says Gent.

The reason why this program is difficult to write is a large number of variables that are included in it. Therefore, it might take several years until the program is finally realized.


– In practice, no one was even near the successful writing of the program – said one of the scientists.

If you are interested in this challenge and think that you can write your program and get a million dollars, you can contact Clay Mathematics Institute in the United States.